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3D Printing: Get Started Right

For those new to 3D printing or wanting to explore its benefits, Proxima 3D offers answers.  We can help you learn process and material alternatives.

We can print

  • concept models
  • prototypes
  • display models.

We can provide, through our network, 3D prints for all applications and all materials.  Instead of committing to one process and material with associated capital, training and maintenance expenses, you can take advantage of rapidly evolving technology in a controlled, cost-effective way.

About Us

We are a 3D printing/additive manufacturing (AM) company that specializes in concept prototypes, models, visual aids, exhibit pieces and similar 3-dimensional communications tools.


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What our customers say:

“By 3D printing the concept models and prototypes, we eliminated the cost of mold cutting during development of a kneepad for construction workers. More importantly, we saved months of time that otherwise would have been used to cut the molds and ship trial parts back from overseas. This process also improved our product by allowing it to go through extra prototyping (3D printed) trials.” Kirk Brown, Vice President, Marketing and Design, Pull’R Holdings.

"Increased competition and shortened life cycles for medical products necessitates finding means of shortening development times and development costs. Integrating the Proxima 3D prototypes into the development process has allowed us to decrease our development time and to reduce prototyping costs while increasing the number of design iterations. Design iterations provide us the ability to rapidly fine tune the product for both improved ergonomics and reduced assembly costs, resulting in a product that exceeds customer expectations." Steve Iseberg, Vice President of Engineering, Etymotic Research

“Proxima 3D produced a 1:5 scale model of a large and complex “shaker” (a device for testing and measuring the effects of vibration on a broad spectrum of parts and products) that allows us to show our machine in situations which would otherwise be not be practical, e.g. trade shows, customers’ locations, and our sales offices. The detail is incredible. The exploding interest in 3D printing is also helpful engaging prospective customers.” Mike Ullrich, Sales Manager, Bruel & Kjaer North America

“We tried several alternative designs for a part to index doors using 3D printed parts. The trial pieces were inexpensive (no tooling or fixtures needed) and available in 24 hours. Once tested, the choice became very clear. We moved directly from 3D printed trials to production parts in steel.” Michael Smorynski, R&D Manager, Dynaco Entrematic.

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